Month: January 2015

Python 3 LDAP/AD with ldap3 not python-ldap

I’ve been searching around for a native Python 3 package that would allow me to do some LDAP queries against a Microsoft Active Directory (AD) controller and I found ldap3 (formally known as python3-ldap but that got confusing with python-ldap which is a Python 2 package by the folks at OpenLDAP)…., Autobahn, WAMP, keep it coming!

If you haven’t seen what the folks at¬†Tavendo¬†are up to lately and you are following the growth of the websockets protocol, I encourage you to check out their project….

WordPress on Ubuntu with Tasksel

So you are having trouble getting WordPress to do all the things WordPress does for you? Maybe someone left out some security instructions in their YouTube video or just takes the chmod 777 approach to life?…