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SuperMicro: IPMI fan sensor threshold to 0 or del

Finally, a way to get SuperMicro boards to stop blasting the fans for low RPM, quiet fans…

Manual Control of Dell PowerEdge Fan Speed (12G, 13G)

If your like me and have a home datacenter, or have a bunch of Dell servers a small home lab, the fan speed curves in the iDRAC are very aggressive. They are normally used inside data centers where audio reduction is not a priority. Being said there are some simple tweaks you can do to…

oVirt Setup with PowerFlex (ScaleIO) Storage

For many of us out there, running VMware as the only hypervisor is quite expensive. Especially when using a SDS type of storage solution, such as PowerFlex, or legacy ScaleIO. In this post, will contain pointers and gotchas, which require modification to successfully deploy. Configuration of Engine & KVM Hosts For this deployment, a standalone…

iSCSI Storage for VMware ESXi

A million opinions on storage for ESXi over iSCSI from FreeNAS/TrueNAS, all boiled down…

VMware ESXi iSCSI Max IO Size

A long awaited find and tweak to iSCSI performance…

NVidia Optimus for VMware Workstation

How to enable NVidia Optimus drivers so that VM’s may have hardware graphics acceleration…

Fedora 24 Running KDE Plasma

I ran into a few snags today while loading KDE Plasma on Fedora 24….

I Fired My Access Point – Part 2

Part two with configs for Raspberry Pi 3 Access point….

I Fired My Access Point – Part 1

I have spent hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on access points over the years. I won’t anymore….

System76 Oryx & Bonobo nvidia screen redraw lag

If your expierencing any screen resize, movement, video choppyness or overall display refresh lag, the issue is with the Nvidia driver….