Hello and welcome to PyNut.

Here at PyNut, you’ll find a collection of my thoughts and opinions, based on my professional experience, regarding subjects and issues that are of interest to those of us in the enterprise software development industry. Subjects such as a transition to open-source, the deep web, the role technology plays in business, Python, .NET, and the endless pursuit of elegant code.

Initially this blog was established as a means to keep up with my own interests and document them; one of those being breaking free of the industry pitfall that being a Microsoft .NET developer can create. But, with time and a little effort, this blog will become a resource for me and hopefully help others along the way. The blog currently centers around providing insight and tips on how to become a Python nut. You will find posts with meaningful and direct resources that helped me along the way.

I hope you enjoy the content found on PyNut. Feel free to send me any feedback, comments, or suggestions about the site. I always look forward to reading your thoughts on any of the posts I’ve put up, even on the days I’m locked in “the zone”, deep in code, it’s always refreshing to come up for air.


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