Month: June 2015

SCP and RSync

A quick post highlighting some useful syntax for scp and rsync (reproduced from here and here, also Digital Ocean’s guide here)…

Fix for Column Names in pypyodbc 1.3.3

I recently ran into an issue in pypyodbc 1.3.3 where column names would be truncated to the first character in the name….

Python, MSSQL, and using a Native Driver

A huge thank you goes out to Andrew, his blog, and his Git here! His scripts were a huge help getting unixODBC and Python 3 talking via the Microsoft ODBC Driver 11 for SQL Server – RedHat Linux on Ubuntu 14.04….

Cloudera Hadoop Cluster Setup

A simple walk-through with the standard commands used, along with some best practices, for setting up Cloudera’s Hadoop Infrastructure: Cloudera Manager 5.4.1 & CDH 5.4.1…

Human Readable Byte Conversion in T-SQL

A great post I found for doing human readable byte value conversion here:…