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PowerEdge 13G boot drive from consumer or enterprise SSD or NVMe via UEFI without BOSS

Use Case: Abiliy to boot an 13G node, either R630 or R730, when using the local RAID or HBA for a storage layer, and wanting to use an additional device for boot. With this procedure and some cheap hardware from Amazon, you can boot from a PCI device, with a U.2 or M.2 SSD or…

Restoring GRUB EFI Bootloader

Thanks to a Lenovo BIOS update, I got a crash course on generating a new UEFI config…

NVidia Optimus for VMware Workstation

How to enable NVidia Optimus drivers so that VM’s may have hardware graphics acceleration…

Fedora 24 Running KDE Plasma

I ran into a few snags today while loading KDE Plasma on Fedora 24….

System76 Oryx & Bonobo nvidia screen redraw lag

If your expierencing any screen resize, movement, video choppyness or overall display refresh lag, the issue is with the Nvidia driver….

System76 Oryx Pro Backlight

To enable backlight hotkeys on System76 Oryx Pro in Fedora 24….

Bumblebee Setup on Nvidia Optimus Enabled Laptops + VMware Workstation 12 3D Support

A quick setup to get Nvidia Optimus embedded GPU’s up and running (Fedora 24 tested)…