A quick setup to get Nvidia Optimus embedded GPU’s up and running (Fedora 24 tested)

Install Bumblebee Repository’s & Install Bumblebee

dnf -y --nogpgcheck install http://install.linux.ncsu.edu/pub/yum/itecs/public/bumblebee/fedora24/noarch/bumblebee-release-1.2-1.noarch.rpm
dnf -y --nogpgcheck install http://install.linux.ncsu.edu/pub/yum/itecs/public/bumblebee-nonfree-unmanaged/fedora24/noarch/bumblebee-nonfree-unmanaged-release-1.2-1.noarch.rpm
dnf install bumblebee-nvidia bbswitch-dkms primus kernel-devel

Reboot system after install

To run applications using the Nvidia GPU and not the Intel GPU run:

optirun application

To support VMware 3D Acceleration Edit the VMware preferences file, per user.

echo mks.gl.allowBlacklistedDrivers = "TRUE" >> ~/.vmware/preferences

Run VMware with optirun, and edit the Launcher to invoke Optirun before VMware binary.

optirun vmware