Author: Chris Trudel

Execute any binary on ESXi8

Execute any binary on ESXi8…

ESXi Intel X710 LLDP Enablement

By default the Intel X710, Dell or Intel branded, have the LLDP agent enabled on the NIC adapter, which causes the DVSwitch’es or for you legacy folks, vSwitch’es to not be able to see LLDP information on the NIC. Fix is to disable the NIC Agent. For Example, if you have 4 total ports in…

PowerEdge 13G boot drive from consumer or enterprise SSD or NVMe via UEFI without BOSS

Use Case: Abiliy to boot an 13G node, either R630 or R730, when using the local RAID or HBA for a storage layer, and wanting to use an additional device for boot. With this procedure and some cheap hardware from Amazon, you can boot from a PCI device, with a U.2 or M.2 SSD or…

Manual Control of Dell PowerEdge Fan Speed (12G, 13G)

If your like me and have a home datacenter, or have a bunch of Dell servers a small home lab, the fan speed curves in the iDRAC are very aggressive. They are normally used inside data centers where audio reduction is not a priority. Being said there are some simple tweaks you can do to…

oVirt Setup with PowerFlex (ScaleIO) Storage

For many of us out there, running VMware as the only hypervisor is quite expensive. Especially when using a SDS type of storage solution, such as PowerFlex, or legacy ScaleIO. In this post, will contain pointers and gotchas, which require modification to successfully deploy. Configuration of Engine & KVM Hosts For this deployment, a standalone…

Add CA Certs or SSL Decryption Services to Fedora/Linux

To add a certificate in the simple PEM or DER file formats to the list of CAs trusted on the system: Copy it to the following directory: Then run the update command: If your certificate is in the extended BEGIN TRUSTED file format, then place it into the main source/ directory instead.

System76 Oryx & Bonobo nvidia screen redraw lag

If your expierencing any screen resize, movement, video choppyness or overall display refresh lag, the issue is with the Nvidia driver….

Bumblebee Setup on Nvidia Optimus Enabled Laptops + VMware Workstation 12 3D Support

A quick setup to get Nvidia Optimus embedded GPU’s up and running (Fedora 24 tested)…

Import VMware vCenter Trusted Root CA Certs

To avoid having to click multiple SSL exception alerts you can import the VMware Trusted Root CA certs and avoid having to click exceptions on the Web Client and other Plugins….

Download offline vSAN HCL DB

To download the offline VSAN HCL file which is actually just a JSON file, you just need to load the above URL into a web browser and then save the file….