I ran into a few snags today while loading KDE Plasma on Fedora 24.

I’m not sure if the below issues were due to having Cinnamon installed along with the stock Fedora Gnome desktop, or maybe just my Google foo was off and I couldn’t find a clear tutorial online that wasn’t loading Plasma from scratch. Fedora does package their own version with Plasma as the default here.

To install Plasma and have it show up in the Gnome Display Manager (GDM) at login:

sudo dnf install plasma-desktop

Then, once rebooting, I was presented with the Plasma option in GDM. Though after logging in I had trouble opening the file browser and the terminal. Seems I needed to do another set of installs:

sudo dnf install dolphin konsole

Lastly, I noticed the network management widget was not present in the tray, so I tracked that down too:

sudo dnf search plasma
sudo dnf install plasma-nm plasma-nm-openvpn plasma-nm-openconnect

I should have installed the package group “@kde-desktop” with the package, “plasma-desktop”.

To install everything in one fell swoop (Including the handy rfkill):

sudo dnf install @kde-desktop plasma-desktop dolphin konsole plasma-nm plasma-nm-openvpn plasma-nm-openconnect rfkill

I made some other changes to the theme, namely changing the Workspace theme to the default dark one: Breeze Dark. And if you like the traditional minimize, restore, close buttons, change All settings –> Application Style –> Window Decorations to Plastik.

All Done!