Author: Dave Thomas

Crypto Rig Bill of Materials

I’ve been asked to document my current go-to parts manifest for the crypto mining rigs I’m running…

NVidia Optimus for VMware Workstation

How to enable NVidia Optimus drivers so that VM’s may have hardware graphics acceleration…

IPMIUtil to Change Supermicro Fan Thresholds

Some good guidance on using open source IPMIUtil to quiet annoying fans…

Handy NMAP Command for Open Ports

Just a quick, handy post if you are tired of running AngryIP scanner on windows to find open ports…

Fedora 24 Running KDE Plasma

I ran into a few snags today while loading KDE Plasma on Fedora 24….

I Fired My Access Point – Part 2

Part two with configs for Raspberry Pi 3 Access point….

I Fired My Access Point – Part 1

I have spent hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on access points over the years. I won’t anymore….

System76 Oryx Pro Backlight

To enable backlight hotkeys on System76 Oryx Pro in Fedora 24….

Spark with Jupyter Integration

Walk-through on setting up a quick test lab for PySpark…

Pine64 debian base display issues

I recently had some overscan issues via HDMI from the Pine64 to my Dell U3415W…